Posted by Admin on April 22, 2012

The Fisheries Society of Nigeria, inaugurated in 1976, is Nigeria's Non- Governmental Apex Organization of all fisheries practitioners in Nigeria. It is responsible for promoting and coordinating activities in the Fisheries subsector of the Nigerian economy. FISON has continued to champion the course of fisheries research and development, human resource capacity building, education and dissemination of information, as well as promote corporate investments and partnership inside and outside of Nigeria. These efforts are to foster the development of the sector on a viable, sustainable, and economical platform that will allow it to contribute meaningfully to food security and wealth generation.

In FISON, we attempt to align all systems, structures and processes to accomplish our purpose of establishing professionalism in Fisheries at every level of activity including management of resources, fish production and marketing, storage, transportation, export, and import. One major means of achieving these objectives is through annual conferences.

Mission and Statement

FISON as a Professional organization for the Fisheries subsector is committed to promoting the contribution of Fisheries to the Nigerian Economy, ensuring fish food security through sustainable investments and livelihood, and improving Fisheries Planning, Research and Development through advocacy and optimal utilization of the wealth and experience of her professional members.


  • To promote the professional development of individual and corporate members involved in Aquaculture and Fisheries Research and Development in Nigeria

  • To foster the interests in Aquaculture and Fisheries programmes of all levels governance.

  • To provide the necessary form/fora for the exchange of ideas and interaction of individuals and corporate organizations involved in Aquaculture and fisheries activities in Nigeria

  • To collaborate with Organizations/Societies and groups having related interests both in Nigeria and other parts of the world

  • To support the training and teaching in aquaculture and fisheries in Nigeria and elsewhere for National benefits

  • To promote research into the development of the fisheries resources and potentials in Nigeria

  • To disseminate fisheries knowledge through organized activities such as Conferences, Public Lectures, Seminars and Symposia, Films, Exhibitions, Workshops, etc. for the National benefits

  • To consult with different tiers of government; Traditional, Local, State and Federal for progressive development of Fisheries and Aquaculture potentials in Nigeria